Many gamblers regard the switch from multi-currency online sites to websites offering only Bitcoin, daunting even though it could be a lucrative choice for gamblers. However since it is in some countries lucrative and popular opportunity punters should be aware of its pros and cons especially in the light of Bitcoin site growing in amount and increasingly competitive too.

Looking at what Bitcoins actually are it is simply virtual money or cryptocurrency with its value fluctuating and dictated by supply and demand and in no way connected to a specific government or country. It might be surprising when you realize than 21 Million could exist at any specific time and that after they are mined, you can buy or sell it on Bitcoin exchanges and from there play on bitcoin websites.

The depositing and cashing out options of bitcoins are done in two methods. In the one instance is bitcoins stored on your computer hard drive after you downloaded software such as Darkwallet or electrum. The other option is to store it in cloud with software such as Greenaddress or Blockchain, which is similar to Neteller or PayPal.

Even though it is not possible to use credit cards, cheque or bank accounts the result is better that conventional banking as it is exceedingly quicker. When a punter use conventional currency cheque deposits take up to a week and cash out several days too. A typical bitcoin transaction takes minutes.

Players at a bitcoin site also do not pay any transaction fees with no intermediary al transfers are peer-to-peer with many multi-currency casinos often charge additional feed when a punter uses a credit card while providers also have their own fees as well. Bitcoin casinos also state that the economic turmoil has no effect on them, as the currency used is virtual.