Online Bingo Games

Bingo surely is one of the popular casino games and any major bingo website offer a wealth of various bingo variations as well as other slots and movie-themed video slots as well. However, which Bingo variations are the most popular and where to find them are what we look at. 75-ball bingo is one of the top bingo games offered and a firm favorite in countries like Canada and United States. An online casino and specifically online bingo would not be established if they cannot offer gamblers 75-ball bingo.

80 ball Bingo fall in the same category as 75 ball and unlike traditional 75 and 90 ball bingo, which was developed first in brick-and-mortar bingo halls and found their ways online, 80 ball, was developed directly online and the difference is in card design. This model is developed on 4×4 grid with columns of silver, blue, yellow, and red. Its winning patterns are similar to 75 ball however new patterns are available due to the unique card design of the 80 ball. Gamblers have better odds and more enjoyments with for example the corner bingo and diagonal bingo options of the 80 ball.

90-ball bingo on the other hand is one of the most played bingo games in the European online market. It is popular in Australia as well and this bingo version offers gamblers three ways of winning during any game played. It reverts back to original 75-ball card, the 5×5. When looking at the popularity of Bingo you have to take into consideration that this is a game of community involvement thus was it never expected to be so popular online. However, the online gaming developers have taken that into consideration too and bingo platforms online developed Chat Rooms online to allow interaction between online players with most websites having a minimum of four rooms for chatters.