Slot games is certainly the most popular casino games in the world, regardless of modern button machines or one armed bandit machines. From slots on America, to pokies in New Zealand and Australia to the fruit machine in Britain it remains one of all casino’s prominent games. Years ago, slot machines were a clunky mechanical machines but it made way for dazzling graphics and intricate software.

Online slot machines especially opened a completely new world for games developers that freed them from the restraints of traditional and physical games. Developers were no longer limited to one Payline, three reels and 2D graphics and instead embraced exceptional theme music, high quality animation 3D and endless amounts of pay lines and reels too. Punters have an incredible wealth of machines to choose from and all they have to do is find the best casino to play at with the best online slots and slot varieties.

The types of slots online allows for diverse gameplay from progressive slots, to hi-tech slots with 3D graphics, classic slots and classic slot often still use fruit machine symbols from long gone days but familiar to new gamblers online. Many developers have special licensing rights using characters from comic books, TV shows, Movies and video games too for example Playtech who uses licensing from Marvel to develop games like Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man to name a few.

The classic standard slot machine that went online first had only three reels and only one pay line across it center while today designers expanded on all of this and it is nothing strange to find a machine with up to 253 pay lines that create various diagonal shapes and going forward and backwards as well. However, players can still choose the amount of lines they want to select, with payouts depending on how the game is set and how much money was wagered on a bet too.